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Grain Tower (Revisit) and Kent Coast

2021 (United Kingdom)

This was a day trip with friends from Sussex, along the Kent coastline - which is full of old defenses from the war. First up was a return to the Grain Tower very early in the day. I loved my first visit to this place at sunset, so it was fantastic to witness it during the morning light this time & take a few new photos.

We then moved along to photograph the anti tank barricades on the edge of the sea & a group of disused boats. The final journey was to Cliffe Fort, which is a 2km trek through a nature reserve - but sadly it was not possible to see inside. However, we were able to take some pictures from an unexpected vantage point at the top of a conveyor belt attached to a dredging ship. It was a spectacularly high end to the day!

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Grain Tower Battery

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Shivering Sands Army Fort

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