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Brighton Hippodrome (Part 1)

2021 (United Kingdom)

Brighton Hippodrome was a location I had wanted to visit for a long time & my chance finally came when the developers at Matsim, a local company renovating the building, allowed me to come in and shoot this incredible place. Coming from Sussex, it always means a lot to be able to document buildings from the area. The Hippodrome discreetly sits in a street near the promenade, disguising the size from its frontage. Abandoned since 2007, when it was last used as a Bingo hall, the initial usage was as a variety theatre as well as circus shows, ice rinks amongst others. It even has its own elephant ramp, which was marked out on the floor when I took the pictures!

It's a vast place, so please be sure to check out Part 2 as well. I've focused here on the entrance hall, the central arena and the incredible 30 metre ceiling.

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