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2020 (Germany)

This is a spooky place - a former lung sanatorium hidden away in the forests. We arrived at the end of a long day on our 2020 road trip, luckily finding our way in by chance & making the most of the last hours of light. When I reached outside to shoot the exteriors, the sunlight was an absolute treat.

Inside, the building had obviously seen better days & had been heavily tagged but there's always something special and rather exciting about the old German sanatoriums. The eerie charm is part of the attraction. Long hallways, severe stairwells, even a chapel & the shadow of a large chimney from the boiler house opposite.

You may also enjoy the following galleries:

Heilstätte Grabowsee


Manicomio di R (Part 2)

Beelitz Heilstatten (Men’s Pavilion)

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