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There are a couple of locations that I had dreamed about visiting even before I started taking photos. Linnahall is one of them. I first visited in early 2009 and loved the Brutalist architecture - the building stretches out to sea and even has a heliport at the end. But the real surprise is inside - this rigidly rectangular building hosts a giant half circular concert hall with a capacity for 4,200. It's one of the most impressive locations I've set foot in & also a big technical challenge with the camera. Whilst I had permission to be there, the lighting was limited. The endless looking coat racks came with an interesting fact - they were able to clear the hall & give everyone their coats & leave the building in just twenty minutes. Seriously impressive organisation. I also tried a very ambitious shot of 100 photos stitched together - which took nearly an hour to shoot, whilst my Estonian host patiently waited. It's the fifth photo in the series below & it captures the absolute science fiction of this incredible building. There really is nothing else like it.

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