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Beelitz Heilstatten (Admin & Facilities)
Beelitz Heilstatten (Bathhouse)
Beelitz Heilstatten (Men’s Pavilion)
Wünsdorf Haus der Offiziere (trip 1)
Wünsdorf Barracks
Rangsdorf Airfield
Wünsdorf Haus der Offiziere (trip 2)
Jüterbog, Altes Lager (Part 1)
Jüterbog, Altes Lager (Part 2)
The Soldier's Castle
The Soldier's Village
Knock John Naval Fort
Shivering Sands Army Fort
Red Sands Army Fort
Hara Submarine Base
RAE Pigeontown
Grain Battery Tower
Submarine U-475 Black Widow
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